Year: 2019

Cremaillere Bow by Andrew Dipper

This bow represents the sequel to the "clip-in-frog" early bow. The ratchet with its hoop allows the tension of the bow hair to be finely adjusted as the weather becomes more humid, and also prevents the bow frog from coming

Dipper Restorations is heading to BEMF – June 12-15, 2019

Dipper Restorations is preparing for the upcoming trip to Boston for the Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF) having finished the restoration of a number of original Baroque violins which will be new to the marketplace. Please visit us at Booth

Announcing the launch of the our new Dipper Restorations website

Announcing the launch of the our new Dipper Restorations website We are excited to announce the launch of Dipper Restorations  newly designed website. Dipper Restorations is the Early music players prime source for historical instruments in their authentic original condition.

Hare Violin Restoration

This violin was made by Edward Pamphilon in collaboration with John Hare whose label it bears. John Hare’s shop was in Mason’s Yard near the Royal Exchange, London. These makers were active during the reign of Charles II, 1660-1685 and

Viola da Gamba

The Dipper workshop undertakes some of the most difficult and time-consuming restoration offered in the world today. Past restorations have included work that is now in the world’s major musical instrument museums and instruments that are being played by the

Early 18th Century Italian Violin Concerto Bow Reproduction

Museum collections offer a good resource for accurate reconstruction of historic bows. This violin bow, which is part of the collections of the National Music Museum (NMM) in Vermillion S.D., was copied for a client in 2008. The museum bow