Cello Bows

Cello Bow Inventory

The Dipper bows are a synthesis of the best features of many of the existing examples of historic bows, The Dipper bows can be fitted with a modern stainless steel screw and bronze eyelet and they can be ordered with a handmade copy of the historic cycloid thread and brass eyelet of the Tourte pattern. In the case of the Dipper bow the Ivory fittings, so common on historic bows, are replaced with black Asian Buffalo horn, white plastic-infused bone or an appropriate decorative hard wood. The Dipper bows have sticks cut from fine aged selected Snakewood or Amourette from an accredited source.

The performer, who is historically aware can gain great advantage in their interpretation of original scores through the use of a copy of a historic bow and this can be a great voyage of musical discovery. Antique bows of this type are now very expensive and difficult to find. The price usually being in the $7,000-$30,000-dollar range, meaning that reproduction bows at a much lower cost, between two and four thousand dollars are a practical necessity for most Historic Performance musicians.