Andrew Dipper’s knowledge is based on 45 years experience restoring and researching historical stringed instruments. He is the Consultant Conservator for the Yale Musical Instrument Collections, and his work can be found in museums worldwide, including the National Music Museum, the Metropolitan, Federal Musical Instrument Museum of Berlin, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. With Andrew Dipper’s knowledge and experience, his shop is one of only a few in the world capable of fully restoring significantly damaged or worn instruments, with a specialty in historically significant and ornate fretted and bowed instruments, and a further focus on the period of 1570 – 1830. Please contact us for an appointment.

Stringed Instrument Restoration and Appraisals


Dipper Restorations performs appraisals of value, authenticity, and provenance of stringed instruments in collaboration with Claire Givens Violins, Inc.

Andrew Dipper Restorations